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Head of Service: Boštjan Ključevšek, M.Sc.

E-mail: bostjan.kljucevsek(at)











The field of informatics is of crucial importance for the operation of the AAMRD. High-quality and timely information and the processing of applications are a prerequisite for achieving quality and effectiveness in all fields of the paying agency’s operation. The basic purpose of the Service is to provide information support to the activities of the paying agency. The information system is set up in accordance with the guidelines for information systems of EAGGF paying agencies (Regulation VI/661/97 Rev. 2) included in the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1663/95. The system covers all business processes, with the exception of measures within the Single Programming Document RS 2004-2006, and ensures traceability, continuity and control of process and material provisions.



  • To ensure high availability, long-term stability and accessibility of data and programme structures;
  • To ensure standardised connection with state administration bodies and other institutions;
  • To cooperate on a regular basis with other expert sections and services in setting up of computer programmes for the processing of applications, in the field of the data preparation for reports and maintenance of computer technology.

One of the most significant future tasks of the department will be the adjustment of the information system in order to meet strict EU regulations in the field of informatics.