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Preaccession programme - SAPARD

Holder of the measures: Rural Development Section







SAPARD was one of three EU pre-accession programmesaimed to help candidate countries as a special programme to provide assistance in agricultural sectors and rural development in Central and East European candidate countries in the pre-accession period.


With the EU accession (1. 5. 2004) contracting within the SAPARD programme was concluded, whereas payments and reporting continue by the end of 2006.


The implementation of the SAPARD programme served as a good preparation for the implementation of the EAGGF and FIFG structural funds measures that were launched in the second half of 2004.




Funds from this programme are intended for achieving general goals of agricultural policy, namely for the promotion of sustainable development of agriculture and solid rural development. The purpose of SAPARD measures is to resolve priority and specific measures focusing on the adaptation of agricultural and foodstuff sectors as well as rural areas in candidate countries to the EU common market. This is also direct assistance provided to these countries so that following the EU accession they will be able to implement the common agricultural policy.




Investments into agricultural holdings are intended for the production and processing of milk, beef, pigs and small cattle as well as the production and processing of vegetables, strawberries and berries. Funds allocated for investments into agricultural holdings are intended for New constructions or renewal of farm buildings, Purchase of equipment for farm buildings, Purchase of agricultural machinery and The first purchase of livestock on the agricultural holding according to the investment into stable.


Within Investments in processing and marketing of agricultural and fishery products the following investments were supported New technological equipment, including computer equipment and software and Adaptation of production facilities. Legal and natural persons or their registered groups or associations registered for the pursuit of activities in one of the fields of Production, processing and preserving meat and the production of meat products, Processing and preserving fish, production of fishery products or Milk processing and the production of diary products.


For economic diversification on farms, funds were allocated for Reconstruction or new construction of facilities and the purchase of equipment for providing tourist activities on farms and Reconstruction or new construction of facilities and the purchase of equipment for carrying out handicraft on farms. Beneficiaries to be allocated the funds were agricultural holdings owned by natural persons.


For the development and improvement of infrastructure in rural areas, funds were allocated for setting up of water infrastructure in rural areas, ensuring the supply of drinking water and seting up and construction of thematic paths (learning, forest, riding, cycling and hiking paths) to improve tourist infrastructure. Beneficiaries to be allocated funds were municipalities.




Co-financing was provided on the basis of an application and fulfilment of the conditions in the invitation to tender.



  • Uredba o ukrepih kmetijske strukturne politike programa razvoja podeželja 2000-2006 (SAPARD) (Uradni list RS, št. 107/2001, 74/2002, 68/2003)

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