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Head of Service: Boštjan Tacer

E-mail: bostjan.tacer(at)



Internal Audit Service is an independent and impartial organizational unit within the paying agency, established to provide the paying agency leadership with assurance and advice, designed to add value and improve the functioning of the organization. The Internal Audit Service helps to meet the objectives of the paying agency with a systematic and methodical evaluation and with improvement of the performance of risk management, control procedures and governance processes. Service on identified weaknesses or irregularities directly reports to the management and make recommendations for their elimination as to the correctness and regularity of operations, with particular emphasis on the internal control system. The Internal Audit Service operates in accordance with National guidelines for internal audit, based on the binding elements of the Framework of the International Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.




To enhance and protect organizational value by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight.





The Service therefore professionally reviews and evaluates:

  • whether the procedures of the paying agency are adequate to ensure reasonable compliance with the European Communities regulations and whether the payment accounts are true, accurate, complete and timely implemented as provided for in Regulation 1306/2013 and Delegated Regulation 907/2014;
  • legality, accuracy and advisability of AAMRD functioning;
  • monitoring of the implementation of goals, determines and evaluates the reasons for derogations from the defined operation of the AAMRD;
  • ensures efficiency and successfulness of the use of funds;
  • determines the measures to improve the operations, work processes, protection of assets and measures to prevent and determine possible irregularities and frauds at the AAMRD operations;


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