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Head of Department: Maja Donik Telban

E-mail: maja.donik-telban(at)


The accurate operation of the tasks performed by the AAMRD which is under a constant control of a number of auditors, is highly dependant on professionally skilled and responsible civil servants. Their recruitment, regular training and provision of appropriate working conditions and assurance of technical and material assets (facilities, office and PC supply and equipment, etc.) represent the key tasks of the Personnel and Material Technical Affairs Department.



  • Monitoring and planning the reorganisation and modification of work posts systemisation with the aim of achieving better results;
  • Preparation of annual personnel plans;
  • Implementation of open competitions to occupy free work posts;
  • Performance of other tasks related to the procedures of recruitment, allocation and reallocation of labour, assessment, promotion and termination of civil servants’ labour relations within the AAMRD;
  • Planning, organisation and implementation of education and training of the AAMRD employees;
  • Accounting for employees’ salaries and students’ referrals;
  • Supply of material assets, supply and maintenance of basic fixed assets for the AAMRD operation;
  • Planning and monitoring the use of necessary financial funds, and reporting on the state of spending;
  • Supply and maintenance of basic and other material assets (e.g. rent of business facilities, office, computer and technical equipment, safeguard and protection equipment, mobile and fixed telephone equipment, etc.);
  • Preparation of invoices for payments on the basis of issued order forms and valid contracts;
  • Accounting for travel expenses.