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Head of Department: Gašper Kosec. Ph. D.

E-mail: gasper.kosec(at)


The AAMRD implements measures on the basis of national end EU legal acts (acts, decrees, regulations, rules and guidance). The AAMRD also functions as the 1st instance body for the settlement of appeals on issued decisions. To manage these tasks, good knowledge of sector-specific law is of crucial importance. Another important task is to provide legal counselling to other employees who perform tasks in the field of individual measures.




The Legal Affairs Department participates in the preparation of changes and amendments to the legislation in the field of agriculture, and in the preparation of by-law regulations (decrees, rules, guidance) forming the basis for the implementation of individual measures at the AAMRD.

Pending responsibilities of the Department are legal assistance to public servants within the AAMRD as regards:

  • Implementation of the European acquis communitaire and its legislation in the field of agriculture in the Slovenian territory taking into account valid procedural regulations of general as well as special administrative procedure;
  • Preparation of various contracts concluded for different purposes (supply of goods and services, sui generic administrative contracts concluded following an issued administrative decision, etc.)
  • Preparation and review of samples of administrative instruments (decisions);
  • Cooperation in joint meetings organised by other expert sections and services within the AAMRD and the Line Ministry.