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Head of Department: Vesna Zevnik

E-mail: vesna.zevnik(at)










EU Affairs Department performs the function of a coordination body and acts as a link between the AAMRD and EU institutions, particularly the European Commission and the European Court of Audit, as well as Slovenian institutions directly involved in the AAMRD operation, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food acting as a Competent Authority and the Budget Supervision Office acting as a Certifying Body.


The communication bears extreme importance in today’s information society. The AAMRD’s key target public group are applicants of various claims who in Slovenia amount to 70.000. These are the holders of agricultural holdings, companies in the field of food-processing industry, cooperative societies, associations, etc. Besides these, there are also expert institutions, non-governmental organisations and general public that is interested in the work of the AAMRD.

Providing up-to date and consistent information to all public groups is of key importance for a successful operation of the AAMRD. The majority of information is provided through the media, agricultural advisory services, call centre and AAMRD's Internet sites.



    • Responsibility for an efficient information flow between the AAMRD and EU institutions in the field of Common Agricultural Policy measures;
    • Responsibility for a smooth exchange of information in the field of implementation of CAP measures between the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food as a Competent Authority and the AAMRD;
    • Reporting by the AAMRD to European and national bodies in compliance with the European and national legislation;
    • Dissemination of working material provided by the European Commission;
    • Organisation and coordination of audit missions of the European Court of Justice and the European Commission, as well as audit missions of the Budget Supervision Office at the AAMRD;
    • Responsibility for the homogenous implementation of horizontal elements of accreditation criteria and follow-up of implementation of audit recommendations by the AAMRD internal organisational units;
    • Organisation of protocol receptions, and organisation, management and coordination of official visits of representatives of EU bodies and other member states, as well as other official international and national visits;
    • Providing translation of expert material and interpreting during foreign visits;
    • Guardianship of the SAPARD accreditation documentation and the accreditation documentation for the measures of 1st and 2nd pillar of CAP;
    • Effective provision of all public groups with information relating to the AAMRD’s operation (media, applicants, expert institutions, non-governmental organisations, etc.);
    • Provision and editing of AAMRD’s Internet sites in the Slovenian and English language;
    • Editing and designing of printed material and publications;
    • Organisation of promotional activities (fairs, presentations, news conferences);
    • Organisation of protocol events.

    Thus the Department provides for a positive appearance of the AAMRD in the public, establishment of good relations with different public groups and ensures feedback information to the top management of the AAMRD. The information is provided to domestic as well as foreign public in person, in the electronic form or by telephone.


    The AAMRD's Internet sites include a forum, where the employees of the Agency daily provide answers to current questions of agricultural advisors. 


    The call centre was set up in 2004 with the purpose to provide quality and up-to-date information to clients.  


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