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Head of Section: Aleš Irgolič, M.Sc.

E-mail: ales.irgolic(at)



The purpose of the Direct Payments Section lies is the implementation of agricultural policy measures in the field of direct payments and payments from the rural development plan.


Direct payments allocated to farmers provide for the balance between ensuring cheaper and/or market acceptable price of agricultural products and the recovery of production costs arising during the production of these products. The measures of the rural development plan help to maintain and improve natural and cultural landscape, and to improve age structure of agricultural holdings in Slovenia.


The Section implements Technical assistance.


The Section has information support in the form of adequate computer programmes, which enable an appropriate handling of all applications and claims. By using computer programmes, the Section performs administrative controls of the data from the applications, with the system ensuring traceability of data changes, and enabling the preparation of required reports. The procedures of application processing within two departments are carried out in accordance with manuals, which describe working procedures.





To ensure the timely and quality implemented work, the Section is divided into three departments as follows:


Direct Payments Department

Head of Department: Nikolaj Celec



Sustainable Agriculture Department

Head of Department: Alenka Ivačič

E-mail: alenka.ivacic@gov.s

Department for Geo-spatial and Animal Applications

Head of Department: Lea Remic, M.Sc
E-mail: lea.remic@gov.s