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The right to know and related right of access to information of public character is the key and effective element in striving for open and transparent functioning of public administration. Access to information is a precondition that enables the control of the public administration operation and thus ensures its responsibility towards the citizens.


However, the right of access to information of public character is complex. Among the functions of the information of public character at least the following can be listed: 

  • Democratic function that is implemented from deliberative models of democracy;
  • Supervisory function that exposes the right of citizens to direct control of the public sector;
  • Economic function dealing with the economic value of public information and potential value added when combining them; and
  • Function of updating the public sector related mainly to the informatization of access to the information of public character via initiatives to develop national portals of e-government.

In order to enable this institute of access to information of public character to effectively intertwine all its functional potentials, two things are necessary. First of all, the awareness of its importance that worldwide seems so clear and it is becoming evident in Slovenia, too. This reflects a relatively satisfactory reaction among the beneficiaries. The second is quality legislative regulation so that the person looking for information is offered support in relation and communication to those liable.